Oranmore Heritage

Photographic Exhibition Heritage Week August 2010

Our 4th Photographic Exhibition was held in Oranmore Library for National Heritage Week from 21st to 28th August 2010.   The title of the exhibition was ‘People and Things’.

We were very fortunate to get information, photographs, paper cuttings etc from local people for the exhibition.

One of our exhibits featured our local hero Commandent Joe Howley who was shot in Dublin in 1922.   His descendents reside in Oranmore and provided us with most of the material.   There is a statue in honour of Joe Howley at the corner of Main Street in Oranmore.

We also featured pictures of Ardfry House on the shores of Renville Bay which was the home of Lord Wallscourt and had photographs of Eyre Square and Market Square in Clifden taken about 1900.

We had a section dedicated to school photos, the earliest being 1938 and were very proud to have named most of the children in the photographs with help from local residents.

We could not leave out our local champions in Camogie, hurling and football and we featured some of our county heros.

Animals and birds featured in a lot of our pictures – both domesticated and wild.  Some of the native animals featured such as red squirrel, pine marten and hedgehog.  Birds – to name a few – owls, doves, ducks and hawks.  This section was particularly interesting for the children.

If anyone out there has pictures, photos, cuttings from newspapers or other historical documents relating to Oranmore – anything of interest – please send a copy to us and we would love to include them in future exhibitions.