Oranmore Heritage

27th April 2021: Oranmore Heritage petition re Renville walkway already at 600 signatures

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Oranmore Heritage, a community group in Oranmore has launched a petition to ask Galway County Council and the Department of the Environment to take immediate steps to protect, maintain and improve the public walkway from Renville Quay to Renville Point.
Commenting on the initiative, Chairperson of Oranmore Heritage Gráinne O’Callaghan said:
“The walkway from Renville Quay to Renville point is a significant resource for the people of Oranmore, Maree and beyond.  It is a very popular amenity and busy with walkers from morning to evening every day of the year.  With so much emphasis on outdoor endeavours over the past year, the walkway has become even busier.
“Given that the walkway urgently needs maintenance and restoration so it can continue to be enjoyed safely by the people of Galway, Oranmore Heritage launched a petition to Galway County Council last week and are thrilled that to date, we already have over 600 signatures.  We are continuing to encourage people to sign the petition which we then intend to submit to Galway County Council, along with all Members of the Council and the Department of the Environment.
“Oranmore Heritage thanks those public representatives who have already worked on this issue and it is our hope that having noted the strength of support in this community to repair and protect the walkway, steps will be taken to carry out whatever works are necessary as soon as possible to ensure that the walkway can continued to be enjoyed by the community.
“We are delighted that 600 members of the community have already signed the petition and encourage others to add their support to this initiative”, the spokesperson concluded.
You can sign the petition instantly here